lionhead rabbit
We offer nail trims for all exotic pets and full grooming for birds.

We recommend that all pet birds have their wings properly trimmed, unless they are in a home with a predatory animal (cat, for example) and may find themselves needing to fly away from danger. Trimming the wings is helpful when training a new or fractious bird, because it often reduces the “attitude” the bird may display. A bird in a high place feels he is the master of all he surveys, up to and including his owner.

Nail trimming is mostly for the owner’s comfort, as it is difficult to handle a bird, rabbit, or iguana with razor-sharp nails, but long nails can also become tangled in fabrics and potentially injure the animal.

Birds generally maintain their own beaks, but if the beak is excessively sharp, we can trim it a bit. Some birds, especially those with a history of nutritional deficiency, may experience beak overgrowth or malformation. In this case, a corrective beak trim would be necessary, and repeated trims along with changes in nutrition are often necessary to resolve such a situation.

Sometimes our buns need a little help with their grooming.

Talk about a bad “hare” day! Rabbits are normally very clean and well-groomed animals, and it is extremely stressful for them to be unable to groom themselves properly. Just imagine not being able to do one of your most important daily routines to take care of yourself. Daily brushing helps a lot but once the fur develops mats it becomes a much larger issue.





Rabbits are unhappy when they are ungroomed.

Rabbit skin is very thin and easily cuts and bruises, and they also get very stressed when handled for grooming. We offer “medical grooming” to relieve this condition. After a thorough examination and consultation to ensure dietary or other contributing factors are corrected, your bunny will stay with us or will be scheduled to be dropped off another morning for medical grooming.





Serious mats require serious shaving, but we must be extra careful due to rabbits’ fragile skin and delicate nature.

He will be given a mild sedative and a valium-like medication that helps with fear and anxiety. One of our technicians will be monitoring him as he gets groomed under sedation.When the grooming is complete, your rabbit will receive another medication to reverse the effects of the sedatives and will be ready to go home. Fees are based on duration of the grooming session.