Advanced Imaging

HD CT Scan

In 2019, Exotic Vet Care welcomed the latest in advanced diagnostic imaging modality to our practice: a Vimago Pico High-Definition CT Scanner. We are the only hospital in South Carolina with this capability designated exclusively for birds and exotic animals, as a testament to our commitment to offer the best possible medicine to your beloved pets.
High-Definition CAT-Scan is a fast method of obtaining incredibly detailed 3-dimensional imaging of your pet. Our practice uses High Definition CAT-Scan studies to diagnose and rule out a vast array of conditions as well as to plan surgery and even perform intraoperative and interventional procedures.
This technology also allows our doctors and veterinary technicians to remain with our bird and exotic patients during the entire study, enhancing both patient safety and the quality of the images.

Check out our video about the Pico here!


As if creating a complete 3-D image of a pet wasn’t enough, our CT machine can provide even more! Fluoroscopy is essentially a real-time radiograph that shoots many images, one after another, in order to create a short video of how your pet’s insides are moving.
We like to use fluoroscopy because it usually does not require sedation and can often be done with birds while they sit on perches or with a reptile who is resting on a warm towel stress free. Fluoroscopy assists our clinicians in diagnosing conditions related to GI mobility, foreign body assessment, tracheal collapsing and lung function.

Digital Radiography

If your pet requires radiographic imaging, our doctors and technicians are able to provide this service in-house. We offer computed radiography for all species of pets and these images often can be taken while you wait!
Our doctors are even able to enhance the image once it’s developed to help them focus on different areas of the body and minimize radiation exposure. Computed radiography means more effective images with less radiation.


An ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging tool that allows us to examine an animal’s individual organs and soft-tissue in detail. In our veterinary clinic, we offer flash ultrasounds as well as detailed full body diagnostic ultrasounds.
Ultrasounds have a wide array of applications and are extremely versatile. We use ultrasonography to determine whether or not there are follicles present in reptilian and avian patients, to assist in the diagnosis of cysts, tumors, bladder stones or sludge, and to evaluate organs including the liver, spleen, pancreas, heart and more! Our veterinary specialists also use this machine while performing echocardiograms and EKG studies of heart function.

This is an echocardiogram of a parrot with an enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy) and fluid in the body cavity. This caused the bird to have difficulty breathing. We removed the fluid and started the bird on heart medications, and she continues to do well.

us egg

This bird was not feeling well for a while. An ultrasound showed that she had a retained egg in her reproductive tract. Exploratory surgery and spay resolved her issue.