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PE Or Not PE? It’s Not Even a Question!

Every day, we get calls from loving pet owners wanting to have their rabbit, guinea pig, rat, or other pet spayed or neutered. We tell every one that we HIGHLY recommend every pet be given a physical exam prior to surgery. They always ask why. Surgery involves anesthesia. Anesthesia carries risk. Patients who have underlying […]

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Wild Wools and Where to Find Them

Madame Matilda here again. The weather is getting chilly and everyone wants to be warm and cozy! While not all have a luxurious coat like mine, there are many animals whose luscious locks make the wool for many people’s favorite snuggly sweater. Here are some of the more… unusual fiber animals: Angora Species: Oryctolagus cuniculus […]

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Exotic Felid Diets – Abby Duvall, DVM, DABVP (Avian Practice)

Captive exotic felids are obligate carnivores and require a balanced diet to ensure proper nutrition which meets both metabolic energy demands and provides sufficient vitamins and minerals to promote proper growth and health. There is little information available on nutrition of specific wildcat species, however, generalizations can be made for most species. A diet must […]

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