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The Horror of Hormones

Hormones are important for growth and development, but as our pets mature they can result in many unwanted side effects. Rabbits may mount and spray, charge, dig, and bite. Birds may scream incessantly, become aggressive towards others, feather pick, and self-multilate. For most pets, spaying and neutering is the best method of addressing and avoiding […]

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Deslorelin: What’s That?

In an effort to offer more options for treatment of hormonal disorders in birds and exotic pets, we carry deslorelin 4.7mg implants (Suprelorin). The implant is placed with your pet under sedation subcutaneously (under the skin) between the shoulder blades by our veterinarian. In ferrets, deslorelin is helpful in preventing the onset of adreno-cortical disease […]

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Treat Ferret Adrenal Disease with a Simple Implant!

Adrenal disease is very common in ferrets.  Removal of the affected glands remains the treatment of choice, but for those who are not good surgical candidates we now have a non-surgical option. The Suprelorin implant has been proven effective in managing the clinical signs of adrenal disease in ferrets for up to twelve months! Read more about adrenal […]

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