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Chill Vibes: Cryosurgery in Exotic Pet Medicine

The tooth will set you free Ted (or Tedward to his friends) was adopted by his loving family from a home that was not feeding him an appropriate diet. Due to this he had severe periodontal disease (inflammation and damage of the tooth socket and ligaments) as well as stomatitis (irritation of the gingival and […]

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Into The Dragon

Dental and Oral Disease in Lizards February is Pet Dental Health Month.  While dogs and cats usually take the spotlight, lizards have toothy smiles to protect too! Normal Anatomy Lizards have lips, gums, and salivary glands similar to mammals.  They also have many mucous glands in their mouth.  The combination of mucous and salivary glands […]

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You CAN Handle the Tooth! – Elissa, Client Services Representative

My chinchilla “Mama” was shrinking. She’s 10 years old and compared to her daughter “Bebe”, only 1 1/2 years younger than her, she was growing thin and looked fragile, so I became concerned. As chinchillas are primarily nocturnal, “Mama” would start squealing in the middle of the night and I’d get up to check on […]

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