Case Studies

Chameleon with Ovarian Follicles: Case Study

“Napoleon” is a 6 month old female veiled chameleon. She was brought in because she had been sitting near the bottom of her enclosure for 2-3 days and breathing with her mouth open over the past day. After an external physical exam and discussion of her diet, care, lighting, and housing we did an x-ray […]

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Guinea Pig with Uterine Tumor: Case Study

“Claire” is a 4 year old female guinea pig. She was presented to us with a history of undesired reproductive behaviors, including mounting her cagemate and having a wet bottom. Upon examination, she was found to have a lump in her abdomen. An ultrasound verified the presence of a 2.5cm uterine mass requiring surgical removal. […]

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Duck with Broken Leg: Case Study

“Quackers” is a Muscovy duck. He was brought to us after his owner noticed him limping on his left leg for a week. Radiographs showed a closed fracture of the leg with some early callous formation due to his attempts to walk on his broken leg. We performed orthopedic surgery on “Quackers”, removing the excess bone […]

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