Bird Boarding


In order for your bird to board with us, we require an annual exam within the last year with a clean bill of health. An annual exam includes a complete blood count and blood chemistry panel. Additionally, your bird must have negative results on the appropriate Infectious Disease Panel specific to species, Chlamydiosis, and Polyomavirus screens. If your bird’s examination was done by a different veterinarian, it needs to have been within the last six months and your bird’s complete record needs to be sent to our facility several days before boarding so we can evaluate the record to ensure all testing was done to our standards.

Click here to read the CDC’s stance on Avian Chlamydia screening. All avian boarders (with few exceptions including canaries and finches) must have their wings trimmed for their safety and the safety of others. Birds who are normally flighted will receive the minimum necessary wing trim, which should grow out at the next molt. We cannot keep personal items or carriers. Birds must have a toy; toys are available for purchase or a clean toy may be brought from home, or we will select one for your pet and charge it to your boarding stay. Any toys or snugglies must be freshly washed or new in package.

Services Included:

Our avian boarders receive twice daily feedings including their normal diet and fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, and healthy treats as appropriate. We provide the most popular healthy diets including Harrison’s Bird Foods, Zupreem, and Kaytee pelleted diets, and Lafeber Pelletberries and Nutriberries. Should your bird prefer a diet we do not carry, you may bring it from home and we will ensure your bird receives his or her preferred food. All bird boarders receive daily cleanings, bathing, and “playtime” out of kennel at the bird’s discretion.


$25/night for conures and smaller birds. $30/night for larger birds. 2nd large bird or up to 5 small birds may share a cage for an additional $15/night per bird. If the birds are not getting along, they will be separated and boarding charged at the normal non-discounted rate.
*Holiday Boarding Rate $35/night applies Nov 15-Jan 5*

Domestic Poultry (duck, chicken, peacock, etc): $35/night year-round. A 2nd bird may share the same cage for an additional $15/night. If the birds are not getting along, they will be separated and boarding charged at the normal non-discounted rate.