Wellness Info

Post-Purchase Exam: Physical Exam, Fecal Analysis, CBC (Complete Blood Count)

6-Month Exam: Physical Exam, Fecal Analysis

Annual Exam: Physical Exam, Fecal Analysis, CBC/Chemistries

Geriatric Exam: Physical Exam, Fecal Analysis, CBC/Chemistries, Radiographs, Ultrasound


If your aquatic pet is exhibiting any of the symptoms described below, contact us immediately at 843-216-8387.

Rapid respiration, thick slime coating on body, red or white blotches on skin, listlessness, rubbing frantically against bottom of tank, loss of equilibrium.

Make sure that the temperature is correct for the particular species and have the water tested at a qualified aquarium store. It is important that we examine your pet as soon as possible to correct the underlying condition.


Wellness Exams, Boarding, Microchipping, Diagnostics


In order for your pet to board with us we require an exam within the last year with a clean bill of health. A fecal test with no parasites seen is also required. Your pet can have no changes in health since the last examination. If your pet’s examination was done by a different veterinarian, it needs to have been within the last six months and your pet’s complete record needs to be sent to our facility several days before boarding so we can evaluate the record to ensure all testing was done to our standards.

Common Diseases/Conditions

Inappetence, Parasites, Skin Issues

Choosing a Pet


Frog / Toad

Many different types, some of which are very beautiful Eat live prey, including insects and fish, require attentive care, generally do not enjoy handling
FYI: Absorb everything through their skin, can be very sensitive


Quiet, easy to maintain Shed hairs can cause a painful but temporary rash, generally do not enjoy being handled, eat live insect prey
FYI: A spider who has lost a leg may regrow it at the next molt