“You are an avian vet. Avian specialty instead of just a dog and cat vet. I loved the way [the doctor] handled my parrot. Thank God you take Care Credit. I’ll be an enthusiastic cheerleader.”

J. Mendenhall

“I was helped immediately and very kindly. It was very clean and welcoming. They were very professional and very caring about me and my snake. I was in and out in about an hour and everything was prefect to my standards. Simple caring and professionalism all the way around from all staff that I spoke with.”


“Even with a hurricane schedule, I was helped immediately. Both receptionists were kind and helpful. The cleanliness was exceptional. The tech and doctor took plenty of time to explain everything + to make sure I was comfortable w/home care. Great information & friendly!!”

J. Fishburn

“Everything was very clean + professional. Everyone was also very personable + caring! “Nona” is thriving!”

A. Roberts & R. Duncan

“Everyone was very polite. Very nice doctor, treated my pet with care. Very helpful information; a lot of information. Tech was super knowledgeable and very helpful. Doctor was very caring with my bunny. Everything super neat and clean.”

M. Castillo

“I am very pleased and feel that “Elmo” is getting the best care possible.”

C. Bivens

“You were able to see us the same day we called. That was such a relief because we knew we had a sick pet. She [the veterinary technician] was very helpful and answered all our questions. He [the doctor] was great. He was very patient and really cared. He encouraged us and told us we were doing good so far with our baby Sulcata. It was great overall.”

J. Arato & J Spangenberg

“The facility was clean, the doctor and staff were friendly and confident. Provided prompt and thorough care for our piggy. The doctor and the staff were considerate of the cost and providing us with treatment options. Everything was great. Thank you!”

B. Vinson

“I would refer [others] to your doctor’s knowledge and experience on exotic animals. I trust in the doctor’s expertise and followed his instructions on care for “Hammstein”. “Hammstein” needed a specialist and if he ever needs anything I will be sure to visit again.”

S. Erwin

“We had a great experience. [You] took your time with my pet and explained what was going on.”


“Not many people see chickens. We appreciate the willingness to work within our budget, and still give the best care possible to “Red”. Everything was great! We had a great experience.”

C. Greene

“Everyone was nice, professional, and willing to answer all my crazy questions. I liked the quiet and peace. Dr. Rainwater was quite thorough. A good avian vet is hard to find.”

S. Kelley

“I decided to choose your practice because you specialize in reptiles and I have a very sick bearded dragon. I was delighted that we were able to get an appointment the very same day. I was very impressed and thankful. It was worth the two and a half hour drive! I was most satisfied with how welcoming and personal the staff and doctor was. He (the doctor) took the time to show me the x-rays and explain to me what was going on with my bearded dragon. He was very knowledgeable and honest. I am most appreciative of his patience, knowledge, and determination to try to help “Sprout” get better. You are thorough, professional, and caring. Exceptional thorough quality experience!”

J. Tyler

“Dr. Rainwater was excellent with “Allie”‘s care and helped immensely with my questions. We got a great care plan for her. The vet tech was also excellent with handling “Allie”. Dr. Rainwater took her time with us and was very helpful with information on “Allie”‘s issues.”

K. Sites

“Very clean and nicely appointed. I feel that we got a very professional, and thorough examination. Dr and tech both were very caring in their handling of “Ruben”.”

P. Serock

“I appreciated that the prices of services and office visits were shared with me ahead of time. Great care for “non-traditional” pets.”

C. Trauger

“I liked that Dr. Biascoechea referred to the latest research on sunlight and Vitamin D for guineas. You explained why things needed to be done instead of just relying on me to trust your word. it helps me feel better prepared to care for (my pet) at home. I thought (my pet’s) visit was very thorough and professional. The staff was friendly and very helpful.”


“Professional, informative environment, caring staff. You inform and provide the customer with as many options as possible in caring for the owner’s pet.”

D. Cevdar

“I was very impressed with the level of communication before, during, and after our appointment! Everyone was super nice and answered all my questions. You guys made us feel like part of the family! It isn’t easy finding a bunny vet, and you guys were exceptional!”

K. Wetzel

“The office is so nice. I can tell the vet is very knowledgeable about rabbits, which is very important to me. The doctor answered all my questions, even slightly unrelated ones. She is the best vet I’ve ever had. I can trust her. The assistants went above and beyond. The older vet technician was so gentle and loving with “Minnie”, and I could tell “Minnie” was comfortable in her care. Best rabbit vets!!”


“I heard good things about your track record giving adrenal implants to ferrets, which I had some trouble finding someone to do. I liked how much info Dr. R provided about exactly what was going to go on back there, how long it might take, etc. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor was competent and friendly, the space was bright and pleasant, and my babies were helped tremendously.”


“The staff members of Exotic Vet Care are amazing and all of my questions that I had about “Chance” and rabbits in general were answered. I was always helped immediately when I called. You guys were the most affordable and experienced working with rabbits. I was impressed by how many rabbits you see on a weekly basis.”

Q. Lee

“Very friendly staff all around. Very clean and orderly. The Doctor performed the ultrasound with us in the room and took time to explain to us what we were seeing. I was so pleased with this. Doctor’s knowledge and bedside manner are exceptional. The Doctor was very kind in explaining the itemized bill and what procedures could be optional or left for a later time.”


“The technician was helpful, caring, pleasant, and informative. Dr. Jose is amazing. He explained everything and drew little diagrams to help me better understand my pet’s condition.”

D. Ungaro

“Only practice that would see my chicken. Dr. Rainwater offered to help me rehome my chicken if it was necessary. I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

S. Ramsey

“Best office for vet care I’ve ever experienced. Great customer service. I feel they were very thorough. The care of exotics is difficult and I feel I have been very well taken care of.”

Z. Herman

“Up-to-date with modern treatment options. Very courteous, polite + attentive. Also very informative + answered all of my questions. Excellent service. Clean facility. Doctor + staff are awesome.”

C. Juarez

“Good info about guinea pigs.”


“Helpful + informative.”


“Doctor explained to us how to care for and help our birds live a longer and healthier life. She also explained how to change their diet and why the change needed to be made.”


“The waiting area was neat and clean and the receptionist was very friendly. The technician was very helpful and concerned about the problem our hamster was having. She was very gentle and seemed knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the service and the information I was given. I liked how well the Dr. explained what was wrong with our hamster and how to administer it to our hamster.”

D. Connor

“Loving, attentive care for my pet.”

H. Green

“He (the doctor) was informative, great with the gliders and took lots of time explaining things and talking to us about our pets.  Very welcoming.  We were not rushed through.  Made us feel like our pets and our time was valued.  Was really a good experience.”


“The office is very neat, clean + organized. Both receptionists were extremely nice + helpful. Dr. Rainwater is WONDERFUL!!! She was so patient + caring. She gave me some suggestions to try with “Happy” + they are working. I had tried many things for months + nothing helped till we saw Dr. Rainwater!!! My plucker is now growing chest feathers!!! You communicate so well!!!”

L. Rhodes

“1st visit felt like we have always known each other!  Wonderful!”

F. Davis

“True caring for my pet!”


“Got a real helpful message and felt pleasant about bringing “Peaches” there. It was very clean + kept up. Very helpful group of very nice people.”

A. Gallichio

“Very clean environment; friendly and thorough exam.”

C. Parker

“Provided thorough information on the care of our new geckos. No rush. Answered all our questions. Great, professional atmosphere.”

R. Thomas & L. Akucewich

“Very clean and friendly.  Gave me a lot of useful information.  Very knowledgeable about the animals you work with.  Made them feel as comfortable as possible.”

E. Staats

“Very caring & professionalism.”

B. Martin

“Very knowledgeable, courteous, and showed legitimate concern for the well being of my baby.”

H. Linton

“You all have a very clean facility & you care so much about the animals you are seeing! You’re organized & keep very good records!”


“All of the help was extremely polite and helped “Fred” and I tremendously! Dr. Jose thank you so much!  “Fred” is a working bird now and no eggs!”

K. Baggett

“Knowledgeable about sugar glider.  Excellent care.”

S. Restivo

“Compassionate pet care.  Thank you.”

E. Coppler

“Staff was friendly + helpful.  I wish your office was closer.”

H. Scheidt

“I feel better equipped with the proper knowledge to take care of my conure!  Very knowledgeable and very friendly, I am so glad my pet is in such good hands.  Very satisfied.”

M. Lacey

“Kerry was helpful & informative in her email, which prompted me coming in.  Monique is wonderful.  Very specialized care/knowledge.  Being informative + not just “out for the money” – will pass the word on.”


“Great and informative receptionist. Everything nice and clean. Very professional. Brandon was great + helpful with the lizard. Absolutely, truly impressed with (the doctor’s) experience and abilities. Bill was what I would expect. Courteous and knowledgeable.”

J. Sechrest

“You deliver professional, detailed and loving care.”


“Very pleased with care + service. I appreciate how he (the doctor) really took time explaining cavy care.”


“This was a great experience, everyone was absolutely wonderful!”

A. Squires & R. Eubanks

“Very friendly & informative.”

C. Raines

“Dr. Biascoechea was very patient and had time to explain everything.  He seemed genuinely interested in my birds.”

D. Rudd

“Terrific sharing of information. Great care shown for our pet. It was a very positive experience.”

A. Jenkins

“Kerry was extremely pleasant and helpful.  Brandon was very thorough and knowledgeable.  Dr. Biascoechea taught us the anatomy and warning signs to look for if “Jenna” became ill.  Also informed us of do’s and dont’s.  We didn’t feel our appointment was rushed, and the knowledge was priceless!”

P. & L. Nebel

“Very patient, kind, and knowledgeable.”

M. Falangola & T. Thompson

“Prompt, polite, professional service. Very thorough exam!”


“The office was clean and inviting, the receptionist personable and attentive. Had I not been told otherwise I would have believed the technician to be the doctor, so impressive was her conduct. You provide a soothing environment in which one feels their pet to be very well taken care of with an unspoken assurance of success. I am entirely satisfied.”

E. Johnson

“I felt comfortable + secure seeing how you handled my birds.”

H. Kingkaid

“Y’all tend to each animal in a special manner and treat them like family. You care for them like they were one of your own. Y’all did an excellent job. Don’t change a thing.”

E. Coward

“We only came for basic care but we also learned A LOT!”

B. Shields

“I received a prompt call back and a follow-up call. The appointment was on time. Everything was nice.”

T. Taylor

“Our visit was extremely informative, interesting, and helpful. We were very happy to see our bird receive so much TLC. Thanks for all your help!”


“I was treated with so much care + concern on the phone that I knew I chose the right place. I am VERY THANKFUL for you guys. Your love + kindness towards my rat was amazing + I thank you. Most wonderful doctor that I have ever seen!! Thanks again for saving “Noob”.”

B. Foster

“The office was clean and the receptionist was courteous. I was impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the staff.”

C. Wells & M. Lyons

“Very informative on care, behavior, illness and wellbeing of bird.”

D. Linsenmeyer

“Very professional staff. Very neat/clean office.”

J. Hernandez

“I was very happy that there were accommodations for my rabbit not just a metal table at a normal vet. Made me feel comfortable with my pet’s procedure, knew exactly what to expect and that he was well-cared for.”

C. Bach

“Personalized, professional, knowledgeable.”

K. Natoli

“We were well educated on the care of our bearded dragon.”

D. McMurtry

“Handled a finicky bird very well.”


“Super clean and orderly. Dr. Rainwater is amazing and she is doing her all to help “Bubba”. She was very gentle with my “Bubba” bear.”

M. Hager



“Your concern for the well being of my pet was exceptional. The follow up phone call to check on him was very nice and made me feel important.”


“Very clean. Very informative. Very interested and concerned. (You) explain things clearly.”


“Very thorough exam – good information and instructions. Professional, friendly, compassionate care!”

A. Hasty

“Everyone was well-versed in the appropriate care of animals. (You) go above and beyond to care for animals, you can tell everyone enjoys what they do.”


“I was thoroughly impressed by your services, facility & kindness!”

M. Covell

“Everyone was so friendly and helpful. This is our first bird and I asked a bunch of questions. It was easy to make an appt. and the visit was a pleasure.”

A. Campinelli

“Loved you took time to answer my questions.  Thank you.”

K. Parent

“I couldn’t be happier with the expertise, knowledge, and service I received.  It was well worth the drive from Augusta, GA.”

P. Blankenship

“The service and sincere care for my pet was wonderful.”


“Dr. Biascoechea came in on a Sunday when he wasn’t working to help “Mary Jane”.”

Chris & Madison

“Very personable and professional.  Very caring + did a great job explaining problem.  Friendly and caring team.”


“He (the doctor) did a good job explaining everything that was happening to our rabbit and why it happened.  Did an excellent job with the surgery.  The doctor did a good job with follow-up calls after surgery + keeping me informed.”

G. Nusser

“(The doctor) knew what to do in the exam room.  She gave us helpful tips.”

C. Sawyer

“(Told) me what was wrong and put my pet back on the road to recovery.”

M. Locke

“You saved our bird “Tweety’s” life by operating on him! We thank you and he’s doing great!”

K. Graham

“Everything was GREAT. Y’all saved my bunny… Thank you!”

K. Hutchinson

“The treatment of my African Grey was so caring and efficient. My mind was put to ease and I will definitely be back!”

V. Jackson

“Staff is very kind, helpful, and is willing to answer any questions I have. I love this place!”

K. Barton

“Best in your field that I have found!”

S. Wolter

“I arrived early and was very warmly welcomed. (You) create a caring and professional environment.”


“When I first called your office, I felt like I was dealing with professionals, experts, caring people.  I am very happy to have found you.  It was very comfortable to be with people who knew about treating my pet, and who were also very caring of my pet and me.  It felt like family.”

M. Garman

“Very personable receptionist.  For me, the visit was very enjoyable.  All of it put together was the best.”


“The receptionists are very friendly & themselves seemed very knowledgeable.  I especially appreciated the extra time he (the doctor) gave to make Peepicheep comfortable!”

A. Martin

“Very clean and the front desk lady very friendly.  He (the doctor) was very good and explained everything I needed to know.”

J. Strain

“Very comfortable, friendly office.  Dr. B. spent a good amount of time with me and my bird did not feel rushed.”


“Great people.”

R. Sease

“I had an emergency with an injured chicken and even though your schedule was full she (Kerry) took me immediately.  Dr. Jose & Kerry are very warm, loving w/animals and friendly, patient w/people!!  Excellent experience!”

G. McCants

“Professional across the board.  Took time with my “baby”.  I truly appreciate that!!”


“Dr. Rainwater was very informative, helpful, and answered my 100 questions.  Everyone knew my pets’ names and were genuinely nice and knowledgable.”

B. Mauk

“We had an overall good experience.  Everyone was very nice to us + good with our birds.”

C. Neuhaus

“Take care of our extended family.”


“My baby sugar glider was ill + I felt like the entire staff embraced him as their own.  Thank-you all.”

S. Thorpe

“Took good care of my baby.”

G. Cook

“It was an awesome experience even though I was so anxious + stressed because I know my bird was very sick. I am looking forward to well visits with all of my birds. I have seen 2 other vets with my birds + Birds and Exotics Animal Care is hands down, no question, the BEST in every way!!”

D. Price

“Personable, caring, + good communication”


“You gave “Chuckles”, a very ordinary chicken, the same care you would give to an exotic bird. She is feeling great now, and we really appreciate all that you did.”

L. Rawl

“Very kind and helpful; great service. Doctor explained everything very clearly.”

R. Armstrong

“Very quick service and nice personnel.”


“Dr. Biascoechea spent a lot of time with me explaining the care a tortoise needs and answering all of my questions. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The Dr. is very knowledgeable. I really appreciate the fact that I didn’t feel rushed in & out and learned a lot during my appointment.”

T. Ellingham

“Very good & knowledgeable about birds.”


“Very soft, caring, considerate staff. Thank you.”

A. Mincolla

“The staff is very friendly, helpful and caring. The experience was easy and I’m glad I chose the right place. I felt very comfortable and felt as if everyone did a great job with helping me feel that way.” – K. Vega

“I am satisfied with every aspect. The doctor is very knowledgeable and the entire staff is friendly, making my family feel relaxed and at ease. My wife and I would have been devastated if we lost “Ali”. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to Dr. Biascoechea and the entire staff at Birds and Exotics Animal Care. Thank you is the very least we can say for the care provided to our pet.” – M. Burns

“The vet was caring and professional – realistic as well which is good! Both vet and nurse were knowledgeable about sugar gliders and able to determine what was the issue. I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing information about my pets. It was a very good visit.” – H. Walker

“(You) explain things well; considerate of client’s budget; friendly, bright atmosphere.” – Anonymous

“Everybody was very kind and friendly, knowledgeable. Very thorough exam, snake was treated with great care. Dr. Rainwater called me back and spent a generous amount of her time trying to help me figure out the picky eating habits of our ball python. She is very kind and compassionate. We are glad to be in your care! Thanks for everything!” – S. Schlueter

“Thanks to Dr. Rainwater for being so gentle and her recommendations were right on; our bird has stopped feather plucking and has new feathers growing in!” – Anonymous

“The front office looked neat and the receptionist was very helpful. The veterinary technician was very helpful. I liked that the vet was very careful and helpful to my snake. You worry about pets and you work to make sure they are healthy. Keep it up!” – C. Farias

“Even the front desk was knowledgeable and caring. I will never take my chinchillas anywhere except to Birds and Exotics,” – N. Catalano

“Everything was great!” – L. Slick

“I appreciated the time you spent explaining everything to me! I would not change anything… You were great!” – R. Pressley

“You followed up after the 1st initial visit and returned phone calls made personally by the doctor. There seems to be a lot of care which is hard to find in a vet. Everything was perfect.” – J. Burgett

“Thank you so much! I have never seen such a thorough physical exam of a turtle! I wish my doctor spent as much time with me!” – S. Lamberth

“Great environment – excellent customer service, thorough exam – informative and friendly vet tech and vet! My visit was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. The staff went above and beyond to meet both my pet’s and my concerns and needs.” – T. Forrester

“Caring and knowledge.” – J. Johnson

“Very cheery place for my pet parrot and me. Keep up what you are already doing.” – R. Krekorian

“I felt very comfortable asking questions and confident in the answers the Dr. gave.” – J. Simuang

“The entire staff interacted with “JJ” and Dr. Rainwater spent a lot of time with him, asked questions and was genuinely engaged with his care and history. I feel that “JJ” is in good hands and that the vet is knowledgeable. It was an excellent overall experience.” – G. Waugh

“Great customer service, so knowledgeable and very caring with “Bun”.” – M. Tanner

“You gave me excellent advice on what is best for my turtle.” – D. Dannecker

“Good service.” – Anonymous

“The whole experience was great, very professional and knowledgeable.” – K. Gray

“Took a scary and uncomfortable situation for my pet and made it a very friendly and relaxing environment!! Learned so much in such a short time. I was honestly blown away and very happy!” – M. Crawford

“It was perfect. I was impressed.” – F. Sullivan

“The receptionist was knowledgeable about guinea pigs and friendly. (The doctor) went above and beyond. He was very thorough and friendly and had a level-headed approach. You made me feel important and that you genuinely cared for “Solana”. – A. Hines

“Great service. Caring staff. Loved being treated right away! You exceeded my expectations.” – S. Jackson

“Very helpful and gentle with my pet. Very informative and willing to educate owners about their pets. This was my 1st time to a vet and it was a great experience. Thank you!” – Anonymous

“Entry area was impeccable, to include Kerry who was always perfect. Thank you. I loved the way you interacted with my macaw – very matter of fact and compassionate. I was completely satisfied. Additionally, you transformed her by getting her on a decent diet.” – M.L. Banta

“You make sure that the owners are informed about their pets’ health. Can’t think of anything that needs to be better.” – Anonymous

“Everything was perfect – looking forward to coming back – wish I could bring my dogs and cats too…” – C. von Asten

“Everything looked, smelled clean and was very inviting. Very informative – took time with me. Didn’t feel rushed. Thanks!” – J. Roth

“Made the pet as calm as possible – very knowledgeable. I was very satisfied.” – Anonymous

“Very thorough exam, not rushed and made sure all of my questions were answered.” – L. Gibson

“Your receptionist was very friendly and welcoming.” – Anonymous

“Very professional and can see the love that everyone has for the animals.” – L. Anderson

“Very friendly. Doctor educated us and made it easy to understand.” – D. Lupton

“The vet took extra time to discuss my guinea pig’s illness, review x-rays and ultrasounds and gave me specific instructions to ensure her comfort and well-being during her illness. Many thanks to everyone! “Lucy” is feeling much better and back to her “lively” self.” – C. Keenan

“My experience was excellent.” – J. Hampey

“The reception I received when I came in was very warm, and felt more friendly than other vets I’ve visited. Everything was executed as perfectly as possible.” – T. Ballinger

“The customer service has been incredible! This is how EVERY doctor’s office should operate no matter what their specialty! Also, being included in “Violet’s” assessment was important to me, and I was kept informed every step of the way!” – T. Driggers

“Everyone was very welcoming. The office was spotless and comfortable. The exam room was clean, comfortable and well-equipped. Everyone was knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. I can’t think of anything you can do better. We left your office with a happy, healthy pet.” – N. Holland

“Glad to finally meet an exotic vet in this state! Services were cheaper than I expected. Everything was wonderful and staff were very pleasant.” – Anonymous

“I greatly appreciate the way in which “Buddi” was handled and everything was explained to me. All questions were answered.” – S. Getter

“Very personable, very attentive, answered all my questions, very knowledgeable.” – S. Schooler

“Professional and warm – a great combination in a vet.” – Anonymous

“Prompt, helpful and professional. I wish “human” offices could be as kind.” – K. LeCroy

“Your love of birds was obvious. Gave us lots of suggestions that were helpful. Could not have been better.” – D. Phillips

“Very friendly and attentive receptionist. Very thorough and not rushed. Pleased with time spent with us and our birds.” – R. Stanley

“As someone who also works in this profession I was very impressed with the amount of time spent with me. No pressure. A very enjoyable and informative visit.” – L. Wygant

“I worked with Dr. Rainwater. I was quite impressed with her knowledge and thoroughness of the exam. She explained what I was dealing with as I had no knowledge of fancy rat’s care.” – D. Turner

“Very impressed, clean and no smell. WOW! Very caring. Treated “Oatmeal” like she was your very own.” – L. Gianoukos

“Both Dr. Rainwater and Dr. Biascoechea went above and beyond the call of duty to thoroughly explain “Juniper’s” procedures and prognosis. You are devoted to what you do and inspire a lot of confidence!” – L. Ivers

“Great customer interaction, very informative, feels very welcoming.” – Anonymous
“Expertise and caring for small, special animals! It was very enjoyable – can’t think of any improvements.” – Anonymous

“I was very happy with all the staff. The doctors are THE BEST, they saved “Baby’s” life. I highly recommend this doctor and staff. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks!! Very happy!!” – D. Overstreet

“The care for the animals is outstanding, so is the cleanliness of the clinic.” – C. Remley

“Monique is a wealth of information and has a calmness that helped during a worrisome time.” – Anonymous

“You took excellent care of “Crikit” and he did a wonderful turn-around in 4 days!” – K. Roberts

“Everyone that works there is VERY knowledgeable and helpful. I feel like I really learned about my animals and how to take care of them.” – B. Heinold

“I was very happy how the doctor interacted with my pet… cuddling her like she was his own.” – Anonymous

“You all really and truly care and it shows. That really matters to people.” – A. Charko