Jose Biascoechea, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian Practice)

Dr Biascoechea
Jose Biascoechea, DVM, DABVP earned his BS and DVM from Kansas State University. He is board-certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Avian Practice. He is a Category II USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian. He founded Exotic Vet Care in 2000 and has been practicing exclusively exotic animal medicine and surgery since. He is the staff veterinarian for The Center for Birds of Prey and provides consulting and relief services for the South Carolina Aquarium and The Turtle Survival Center. He lectures frequently at local, state and national conferences.

Katie Rainwater, MA, DVM

Dr Rainwater

Dr. Rainwater joined our team in November of 2008 after a year-long small-animal internship with Georgia Veterinary Specialists. A graduate of the zoological track at UC Davis and a California native, she has a colorful history of globetrotting animal experience, including leading research groups studying black howler monkeys in Belize, working with ringtailed lemurs in Madagascar, and studying elephants in Namibia.  She is a Category II USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian.  She attends continuing education seminars several times a year to keep up with the latest developments in avian and exotic medicine. She and her husband welcomed their son into the world in August 2013 and they couldn’t be more proud. When not in the clinic she enjoys stand-up paddleboarding and napping on the porch with her cat Fireplace.

Abby Duvall, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian Practice)

Dr. Duvall
Dr. Duvall obtained her BS and DVM from Cornell University, then moved south to warmer weather and did a small animal internship at Louisiana State University. After completing her residency in Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine at the University of Tennessee, she joined Exotic Vet Care. She received her Board Certification in Avian Practice in October 2020. She has extensive experience in breeding and rearing exotic birds and is passionate about travel and falconry. Dr. Duvall enjoys attending and speaking at national and international conferences on exotic animal medicine. She shares her home with a dachshund, a blue-and-gold macaw, a tortoise and a gyr x peregrine falcon.

Stephanie Munyon, DVM

Dr Munyon
Dr. Munyon obtained her BS in Animal Science at University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana and her DVM at Iowa State University. While there she was involved in the leadership of the ZEW, Avian, and Herpetology clubs and member of numerous others. After graduation she did a rotating small animal internship at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in Massachusetts then an avian and exotic animal internship at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. She practiced small and exotic animal medicine at a private practice in Houston, TX for 2 years prior to joining Exotic Vet Care. She has worked with exotic animals in many settings including university, zoological institutions, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, private practice, and at home. She is a Category II USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian. Dr. Munyon enjoys continuing education (conferences, lectures, presentations, and on her own time) as well as cooking international cuisine, crocheting, video games, outdoor activities, and general nerdy pursuits. She shares her home with her domestic short hair cat, lop mix rabbit, Bahamian anole, ball python, half moon male betta fish, and several ghost shrimp.

Support Team:

Kerry Bateman: Practice Manager

Kerry has been managing Exotic Vet Care since 2003. When she is not working to keep the clinic running smoothly and all of our clients and patients happy, she enjoys singing, playing guitar poorly, crafts, and being mommy to Essie and Finn, two former street kitties who are living the good life.

Alexis: Client Services Coordinator

Alexis brings several years of veterinary reception experience to our team, and her soothing, warm presence puts clients at ease. She has raised and cared for a plethora of exotics including ball pythons, bearded dragons, and various types of geckos. When she’s not busy tending the menagerie, she enjoys crafting.

Emilie: Client Services Coordinator

As an intern with The Center for Birds of Prey, Emilie brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to our front desk. Her conscientious and detail-oriented approach to customer care ensures clients are satisfied with their experience from start to finish. When she’s not exercising her skills in our clinic, she exercises her degree in fashion design sewing incredible creations and enjoys hiking, running, and wrangling her 5 dogs and 3 cats.

Dennis: Lead Veterinary Assistant, ACVECC Certified in Basic and Advanced Life Support

Dennis brings years of experience in the veterinary industry and has a special affinity for penguins and wildlife. His thorough and conscientious nature helps ensure nothing is overlooked and all client concerns are addressed completely. He also serves our country in the National Guard. In his free time, he enjoys collecting cars and is a Jeep fan. He shares his life with his wife and their 2 cats, Jiji and Tora.

Lauryn: Veterinary Assistant

Lauryn came to us with a background in small animal medicine, but her life is full of exotic pets! Her inquisitive mind and eagerness to learn make her invaluable to our practice. She has rescued chickens as well as a macaw and conure in her personal flock, and they and her cats and dog keep her busy. When she’s not entertaining us with her colorful personality and hilarious tales of animal antics, she enjoys kayaking, thrift shopping, and sewing.

Bree: Veterinary Assistant

Bree has dedicated years to the care and well-being of reptiles and chelonians and public education about their welfare. Her cheerful disposition and sparkling energy light up our practice, and her beautiful singing makes her our own Disney Princess. When she’s not hard at work, she loves diving and beachcombing for fossils and shark’s teeth.

Kylie, LVT: Licensed Veterinary Technician

Energy and enthusiasm define Kylie, and their motivated, positive attitude is contagious. After years in small animal medicine, they joined our team to grow into the world of exotics and learn new skills. They love gardening and volunteer with a local rehabber organization outside of work.

Harley: Veterinary Assistant

With years of volunteer and personal experience caring for many various species of animals, Harley brings an energetic, can-do attitude to our practice. She has proven a quick and adept student and has blossomed in her time with us. She is working toward her Veterinary Technician certification and in her remaining free time she enjoys tabletop games with friends, scuba diving, and writing. She mothers her 2 cats, Beauregard and Tiberius and a German Shepard Dog named Zee.

Krystal: Boarding Coordinator/Technician Assistant

Krystal brings her boundless love for and respect of the pets we care for to ensure every pet is catered to as if it were her own. Her sweet, kind, and gentle nature is appreciated by our boarders and their owners alike. She cheerfully assists the doctors and technicians in whatever they ask, and is an invaluable helper. When she’s not working, she stays busy hiking, crystal wrapping, and caring for her 2 cats, 2 beardies, Sulcata tortoise, and box turtle.