A Teste of Our Skills: Case Study

Spaying and neutering your pet is almost always advised, especially with rabbits. Today we had a very special little guest. He was found in a parking lot, and his new family wanted an exam and spay or neuter. Dr. Duvall told the owner to sit tight until we determined gender by physical examination. She was able to feel two wee little testicles, so we knew we had a boy on our hands, and that he was ready to neuter as the testes had descended. His owners left him with us to complete his exam and neuter him.

Tiny rabbit testicles

No matter how small, testicles can drive animals and their owners nuts.

Little rabbit recovering

This little guy woke up right away and is doing great in recovery.

These were definitely the smallest testicles Dr. Duvall had ever addressed, but left unchecked they would have become a big problem in time. Hormonal rabbits can spray urine inappropriately, bite and charge, chew and dig at carpets, baseboards, and other things they shouldn’t, and generally wreak havoc in a household. Neutering and spaying will also prevent reproductive cancers, to which rabbits are very prone. This little guy is ready for a great life with his new family, and we are so happy he came to visit us today.