Guinea Pig with Uterine Tumor: Case Study

“Claire” is a 4 year old female guinea pig. She was presented to us with a history of undesired reproductive behaviors, including mounting her cagemate and having a wet bottom. Upon examination, she was found to have a lump in her abdomen. An ultrasound verified the presence of a 2.5cm uterine mass requiring surgical removal.
guinea pig surgery
“Claire” was prepared for her surgery on a warm water circulating pad to maintain her body temperature under anesthesia. Special equipment was used to monitor her pulse, temperature, and respiration, and an IV catheter was placed so we could provide her with fluid support during the procedure.
guinea pig uterine tumors
The mass we saw on the ultrasound turned out to be several uterine tumors. They were removed and “Claire” was spayed to ensure that this situation would not recur.
guinea pig post spay
Postsurgically, “Claire” recovered very well, and continues to be a healthy, happy guinea pig. She and her cagemate get along great now that they are both spayed!