Dr. Jose Biascoechea

Dr. Jose Biascoechea

DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Avian Practice)

Dr. Biascoechea graduated from Kansas State University and maintained a mobile veterinary practice for 7 years prior to founding Birds and Exotics Animal Care in July 2000.

He is staff veterinarian for The Center for Birds of Prey and provides consulting services for the South Carolina Aquarium. He attends continuing education seminars several times a year to keep up with the latest developments in avian and exotic medicine.

He was certified by the ABVP as a Diplomate in Avian Practice in November of 2011 and is currently the only board-certified avian veterinarian in the state. He is also a Category II USDA-APHIS accredited veterinarian. When not in the clinic he can often be found windsurfing or racing sailboats in the harbor.

  • 11/24/14 – Dr. Biascoechea made the front page of the Post & Courier, or at least his hands did, for his work with the lead-poisoned bald eagle
  • 11/18/14 – Dr. Biascoechea removed toxic lead pellet ingested by a bald eagle
  • 12/18/11 – Dr. Biascoechea is featured in the Post and Courier’s Pet News
  • 10/20/11 – Dr. Biascoechea is interviewed by Live 5 News
  • 10/01/10 – Dr. Biascoechea is featured in an article in Lowcountry Parent magazine
  • 12/27/07 – Dr. Biascoechea removed injured flipper from sea turtle
  • 7/18/07 – Dr. Biascoechea removed fishhook from another Kemp’s ridley turtle
  • 7/06/07 – Dr. Biascoechea removed fishhook from Kemp’s ridley turtle