lionhead rabbit
We offer nail trims for all exotic pets and full grooming for birds.

We recommend that all pet birds have their wings trimmed, unless they are in a home with a predatory animal (cat, for example), and may find themselves needing to fly away from danger. Trimming the wings is helpful when training a new or fractious bird, because it often reduces the “attitude” the bird may display. A bird in a high place feels he is the master of all he surveys, up to and including his owner.

Nail trimming is mostly for the owner’s comfort, as it is difficult to handle a bird, rabbit, or iguana with razor-sharp nails, but long nails can also become tangled in fabrics and potentially injure the animal.

Birds generally maintain their own beaks, but if the beak is excessively sharp, we can trim it a bit. Some birds, especially those with a history of nutritional deficiency, may experience beak overgrowth or malformation. In this case, a corrective beak trim would be necessary, and repeated trims along with changes in nutrition are often necessary to resolve such a situation.