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Chameleon with Prolapsed Hemipenes: Case Study

“Elliott”, a 5 ½ month old veiled chameleon, came in for us to assess some pink tissue that was protruding from his vent. On examination it was a hemipene that had become impacted and inflamed. When we tried to replace it the other one would pop out too! “Elliott” was admitted to the hospital and […]

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Super-Fertile Chameleon: Case Study

“Milli” is a veiled chameleon just over a year old.  We met her last year when she was presented with an apparent leg injury, which turned out to be related to calcium deficiency.  Her owner improved her lighting and nutrition and she recovered the ability to use her leg quickly.  She came back three months […]

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Chameleon with Ovarian Follicles: Case Study

“Napoleon” is a 6 month old female veiled chameleon. She was brought in because she had been sitting near the bottom of her enclosure for 2-3 days and breathing with her mouth open over the past day. After an external physical exam and discussion of her diet, care, lighting, and housing we did an x-ray […]

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