Exotic Small Mammal Boarding


In order for your pet to board with us we must have performed a physical exam on your pet with a clean bill of health within the last 6 months, including a fecal test with no parasites seen. Rabbits must be fully vaccinated against RHDV-2 with annual boosters as well as microchipped. Ferrets must be up-to-date on rabies and distemper vaccines. If your pet’s vaccines were performed at a different veterinary clinic, your ferret’s complete record needs to be sent to our facility at least 1 month prior to boarding so we can evaluate the record to ensure their protocol complies with our standards. We cannot keep personal items or carriers.

Services Included:

Our herbivorous boarders receive unlimited fresh Oxbow Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass, as well as their daily allotment of healthy Oxbow pelleted diet and fresh veggies as appropriate. Guinea pigs are given daily Vitamin C supplementation. We provide some of the common carnivore and omnivore diets such as Marshall’s Ferret Diet, Oxbow Essentials Hamster and Gerbil diets, and Oxbow Essentials Rat diet. Should your pet prefer a different type of diet, it may be brought from home and will be fed as directed. All exotic small mammal boarders receive specialized daily care and pleasant interaction according to species.


$30/night. Up to 3 may share accommodations for an additional $15/night per pet. If your pets are not getting along, they will be separated and boarding charged at the normal non-discounted rate.
*Holiday Boarding Rate $35/night applies Nov 15-Jan 5*
Certain exotics (kinkajous, large tortoises, etc.) requiring more involved care are $35/night year-round.