When you are away, you can rest easy knowing your pet is being pampered in our exclusive boarding facility, where our experienced staff caters to each individual pet’s needs and offers all the comforts of home, and then some!

Birds and exotic pets are masters of disguise, hiding symptoms of illness and weakness for days, weeks, months, or longer before obvious signs appear. This is one reason it is so important to ensure they are cared for by someone with comprehensive knowledge of the species who knows how to provide stabilizing and supportive care, as this can make the difference between life and death. Exotic pets are often highly intelligent, and birds in particular require time and attention that most pet sitters and facilities are unable to provide. A lonely bird may begin to feather pick and self-mutilate, and a lot of damage can occur in a short time.

We offer avian and exotic animal boarding in a facility specially designed for them. Boarders receive regular feedings with their normal diet as well as fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy nuts and treats as appropriate and daily bathing or soaking as appropriate. Our boarding facility has been designed for birds and exotics including stainless steel cages and runs on a separate air system with specialized filters. Temperature- and humidity-controlled enclosures with available UV lighting provide ideal conditions for our boarders with specialized habitat needs.

Boarding your pet in our veterinary facility offers peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. Our staff is trained to recognize even the most subtle change in your pet’s appetite, activity level, demeanor, or elimination, and we are fully equipped to handle any health concern which may arise while your pet is in our care.

As boarding spaces are limited, please call ahead to reserve your boarding dates so we can ensure your pet is up-to-date on the boarding requirements, update any medication, diet, or care information, and have your pet’s area ready and waiting on your arrival!

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Optional Services Available While Boarding (not included in boarding fee):

Grooming, Dietary Conversion, Exam/Bloodwork, Microchipping, Medication Administration, Wound Care.

Additional Information:

Boarding fees are paid in full at intake. Any additional services or treatments are paid at pick-up. Drop-off and pick-up must take place during normal business hours. We cannot keep personal items or carriers. Birds must have a toy; toys are available for purchase or a clean toy may be brought from home, or we will select one for your pet and charge it to your boarding stay. Any toys or snugglies must be freshly washed or new in package. A signed boarding release allowing emergency care must be on file. In the event of severe weather evacuation, the owner or emergency contact must pick up the boarder.

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