Adopting a pet is a serious commitment and not one to be taken lightly. For this reason Exotic Vet Care keeps a private adoption list. You may view photos of and information on the adoptable pets here, and should you be interested in a particular pet or type of pet please contact us for more information. If you need to put your bird or exotic pet up for adoption, please contact us so that we can get the information we need to help find a suitable home for your pet.


Name/Photo Species Gender Age Special Needs/Additional Info
“Emil” Blue & Gold Macaw M 16yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
“Greyson” Leopard Gecko F 6yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
5 Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs V Adult Need checkups.
“Lily” Rat F 1yr Needs checkup.
“Sunshine” Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot U 17yr Needs checkup.
“Murphy” Blue & Gold Macaw F 15yr Needs checkup, which owner is willing to provide.
3 Mice Mice F 1yr Must be placed together. Need checkups.
godzilla“Godzilla” Iguana F ~2yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
loki“Loki” Blue & Gold Macaw F 12yr Needs checkup.
“Pepe Le Pew” Guinea Pig M 2 1/2yr Needs checkup.
“Angel” & “River” Cockatiels F U Caged separately. Need checkups.
Keiter hamsters 2“Gwendolyn” & “Dorothy” Russian Dwarf Hamsters F U Would like to place together. Need checkups.
glory“Glory” Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot F 11yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
avi“Avi” Lilac-Crowned Amazon M 9yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
“Crystal” Quaker Parrot F 7 1/2yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
apple“Apple” African Grey Parrot M ~12yr Needs a home with no cats or medium/large indoor dogs. Historical heart issue that has resolved. Needs checkup.
buddy“Buddy” Lop-eared Rabbit M ~4mo Needs checkup.
“Sindel” Lop-eared Rabbit FS ~3yr Has otitis, needs checkup.
“Pete” African Grey Parrot F 21yr Needs checkup.
lola“Lola” Blue & Gold Macaw M 29yr Needs checkup.
Various Turtles 2 yellow-bellied sliders, 1 red-eared slider, 1 mud turtle, 1 Mississippi Map turtle (missing one eye) U U Need checkups.
“Zar” Ferret MN 2yr Needs checkup.
lola2“Lola” Goffin’s Cockatoo F 15yr Needs checkup.
“Bogie” Moluccan Cockatoo M 15yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
“Chewy” Chinchilla M 3yr Up-to-date on veterinary care.
“Luke” Savanah Monitor M 2yr Needs checkup.
Baby Bunnies Rabbits U 1 mo Need checkups.